Sunday, May 20, 2007

Record Collecting Update Week Ending 5/19/2007

This week saw further evidence that the record collector's market is more interested in the truly rare, completely independent and fascinatingly odd, than in the standard bearers of Beatle butcher blocks and the like. A 45 RPM picture sleeve, with signature, sold on a Buy-It-Now for $8000.00. The record was by American Indian music legend, Buddy Red Bow, released on Tatanka Records in 1978, with songs "Indian Love Song" b/w "Red Bow's Breakdown".

Highly priced acetate pressings of records by Frank Sinatra and David Bowie went unsold, while numerous Northern Soul 45's sold in the $2000 - $3000 range. Northern Soul has dominated the higher priced 45 record market for close to five years now, and will likely continue to dominate as Hip-Hop follows a more R&B flavored trend, and these records are sought after for sampling.

A record sale worth noting: A beautiful Vogue picture disc sold for $2000, with 11 bids from a starting bid of $1025. Vogue made a line picture discs in the late 1940s, some of them children’s records like the one that just sold, but most of them focused on post-war Americana with scenes of family home life and western landscapes.

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