Saturday, June 30, 2007

Record Collecting Update Week Ending 06/30/2007

Some ghosts came out to play this week, with a number of records selling in the $2k range, and interestingly the value on some of them had nothing to do with music.

A tie this week for top seller on eBay, two records sold for $2500.00 with 1 bid each, meeting their initial asking prices. First was a Northern Soul 45 RPM record from Second Ressurrection on the Stanson Label, "You Done Let Daylight Catch You"/"Smoke In The Disco". And next was an original on DOT (only a little over a hundred were pressed) of Jack Kerouac's "Poetry For The Beat Generation".

Right behind the top seller, a private press sixties folk LP, "David Wiffen At The Bunkhouse", sold for $2425.00 with 14 bids from a starting bid of $98.00. Andy Warhol cover art brought in $2325.00 for Mozart 4 Divertimenti on Epic. The record received 27 bids from a starting bid of $25.00.

Next, a resurgence in 78 RPM interest may be in the making, as two showed up this week as top sellers. For more than a month, 78's have made the top five more weeks than not. Ferman Tapp and His Banjo with "Gonna Find Myself A Brand New Sweetie" b/w Kid Brown and Ginger Snapps "Tell Me Why" sold for $2325.00 from a starting bid of $56.00 with 23 bids. And, a Jaybird Coleman blues harp 78 record, "Man Trouble Blues" / "Coffee Grinder Blues" sold for $2225.00 with 11 bids from a starting bid of $9.95.

And finally, while the stock market inspires basements and dens full of idiots to pump a price on a catchy press release or turn of phrase broadcast over a plasma television, the record collecting market suffers few hoseballs, and nutures much paranoia. A possibly perfect, possibly sealed (possibly not authentic) Beatle butcher block - one for the Goldmine standard . . . sealed . . . untouched . . . mint - sold for a pathetic $2175.00.

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