Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tom Gabel, Lead Screamer Of Florida Power Trio Against Me!, Comes Out As Transgender

Tom Gabel, the lead screamer of Florida power trio Against Me!, has come out as transgender and plans to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. Gabel isn't the first musician to undergo sexual-reassignment surgery; in 1972, Walter Carlos became Wendy Carlos. But she announced the news quietly seven years later in a Playboy interview. Throbbing Gristle's Genesis P-Orridge also underwent a series of surgeries to become gender-neutral. But for a major rock star to announce the news is unprecedented!

Gabel, has dealt privately with gender dysphoria for years, and will soon begin the process of transition, by taking hormones and undergoing electrolysis treatments. Gabel plans to take the name Laura Jane Grace, and will remain married to his wife, with whom he has a daughter. The singer is making a point of being open about his decision, and in an interview with Rolling Stone said "I'm going to have embarrassing moments, and that won't be fun. But that's part of what talking to you is about – is hoping people will understand, and hoping they'll be fairly kind."

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