Monday, December 10, 2012

Where were you the last time the world ended?

One more time for the end of the world!

It wasn't the world, but if California fell into the sea that would be pretty much the same thing. On May 12, 1988 I was working in Laguna Beach, California and I remember at the grocery store and on tables set up on the walkway by the beach survival packages sat for sale, sold by people with bored but slightly guilty expressions on their faces. The typical packages consisted of tied plastic bags holding some combination of the following - soup, crackers, a soda, a candy bar, some towelettes and band aids. May 12, 1988 was the date on which Nostradamus had predicted a California earthquake would break southern California off from the desert and cause the still evolving megalopolis to crumble as America watched the land drift off into the horizon. Now the end of the world comes around again. Honey, forget dropping those Campbell's Soup cans off at the food drive, I'm profiteering!

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