Sunday, January 20, 2013

They're All Still Breathing #1: Genesis (60s 70s Rock Bands Where All Members Are Alive Who Played On The First Album)

New feature I've decided to write here will be the search for prominent 60's-70s rock bands where all the members who played on the first record are still alive. By prominent think any band that would make it into a coffee table book you'd by at Costco.

Genesis is the first band to make my list, for the following reason.. EMI is releasing all the Peter Gabriel era LP's on 180gram vinyl, save for "From Genesis To Revelation", Genesis's first LP, which according to Ultimate Classic Rock is "rightfully despised".

I disagree.  Anyway, EMI doesn't own the rights to the first LP, original manager/producer Johnathan King does and he's been whoring the record under about six different titles for going on thirty years.  Beside the fact that this has made various versions of the LP a denizen of first cut-out bins and later thrift stores, it's actually a sweet baroque pop album, and I've always liked it.

All the following guys who played on the album are as of today, breathing oxygen:

    Tony Banks – organ, piano, vocals
    Peter Gabriel – lead vocals, flute
    Anthony Phillips – guitar, vocals
    Mike Rutherford – bass, vocals
    John Silver – drums, vocals, except on "Silent Sun"
    Chris Stewart – drums on "Silent Sun"

Though it's ripped from a CD I'll be adding all the tracks from "Genesis To Revelation" to 45 RPM Radio.  But just to keep the faith, here's a recording of the first 45 from the LP, "Silent Sun".

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