Friday, February 15, 2013

Book Review - Fire Of The Raging Dragon by Don Brown

An engaging political thriller about USA vs China

The best political thrillers can eject the most twisted political ideas, and show a writer's penchant for paranoia, and the reader still loves the book. That reader probably would prefer said writer won't ever be his neighbor, lest reader be confronted by writer about mind controlling radio signals emanating from reader's lawn mower.

Those are my feeling after reading this book, the first I've read of Don Browns (and there's a long list of them). Just like with me and Clancy I sometimes wanted to deck the guy on principle. No President is that ignorant, more likely he just doesn't give a crap. And no culture is so monstrous as to . . . well I'm not going to give the plot away.

The upside here is that I kept reading, so it's fiction that works on all cylinders. Hell, maybe Don Brown had an Obama lawn sign up and this is just his act. Don't know, don't care. The point is on two levels, first the gritty political conspiracy and monstrosity, and second the sub plot involving the President's daughter on the captured ship, the book works as fiction worthy of the top shelf at the grocery store check-out line.

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