Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book Review - Lilith Rising 1969 by Roberta Kagan

Adventure and exploitation mixed to a romantic end

This is the second of Roberta Kagan's books I've read, and this novel shows a writer growing in her development of narrative and characters. Lilith Rising falls somewhere between romantic adventure and sixties exploitation film in a charming way. I will head off coming criticism by pointing out the following: Just as the real South in no way looks like southern California, via Django Unchained, the positional anachronism of Route 66 leading to San Francisco through Nevada works just fine in Lilith Rising - you don't gotta be a star filmmaker to get away with the device. And I'm saying this as someone who drove the dirt road from Glennrio to San Jon in the rain, so my Route 66 credentials are intact.

 LINK: Lilith Rising 1969 by Roberta Kagan

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