Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Review - The Cupola Collusion by Gregory Gunter

Excellent Political Thriller Out Of Today's Headlines

A political thriller has to have good guys and bad guys. They don't however have to be all good and all bad. In Cupola Collusion we get a taste of a good guy who is a little grey, and a bad guy that fits the mold of sadistic evil, at least when he's paid he enjoys the work.

Rich Weller, good guy in this case, grew up with a father who worked for the FBI but around Rich's 13th birthday something happened and life changed. The family went from middle class to pretty damn poor. Rich's father grew to hate the FBI. So when Rich goes to work for the FBI he takes a little bit of attitude with him.

Cobray is a government black-ops soldier who's made a career of killing people in the third world for a decade, and now is making big money killing for a the Creel's, owners of the corporation behind the conspiracy in the book.

The conflict centers around Cari, daughter of a Tea-Party type group leader, who has a document everyone wants. Cari seems the least realized of the characters, but the plot twist surrounding her own father's decision to murder her was the most exciting part of the book.

Cobray was the most interesting character. Though he of course would probably find a way to kill for fun if he had to, that his mind often wanders to the pleasure he finds in his work made me focus on his part more than the others.

Comparisons to The Firm, Three Days of the Condor aside, this was one of the more captivating Kindle books I've read. It stands on its own as a ride right out of today's headlines.

LINK: The Cupola Collusion
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