Friday, March 15, 2013

No Teeth - Next Friday Is Omega Auctions Beatles' Collection Sale

Omega Auctions, the house that sold John Lennon's tooth has made public their catalog for this year's Beatles Auction. As reported in the news earlier this year, the auction will feature a set of never before seen photographs from The Beatles 1964 US tour.

But that's about it. Even though the auction was open until early February no one came forth with anything like the objects seen in previous years. No body parts. No notes for drummer gigs found folded inside a book at a boot sale.

In fact, this year's Beatles auction at Omega looks like nothing more than a good week on eBay. It's mostly LP's, a ticket stub or two. Probably the most interesting item is the self portrait by Stu Sutcliffe shown above.

The photo collection tops the estimate list, expected to bring in up to $40k, which is about what John Lennon's tooth sold for.

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