Saturday, June 15, 2013

Book Review - Antigone Princess of the Nature Benders by Jerry Bidos

A romantic fantasy that is populated with memorable characters and well-written

Antigone is a woman from another world, Anios, who can manipulate nature. She meets a man she falls in love with and takes her back to her home world to rid her world of an evil king and taking her rightful place as the Queen of her world.

The evil kind is her uncle and father's brother who was killed when she was three. At nineteen, the young woman must use her powers to regain control of her world. Her boyfriend, bewildered and charmed in the surreal and tropical world of Anios must adjust to the world and his role by Antigone's side.

The book adds a touch of romance to it's fantasy plot and landscape, which many young adult readers will find charming. The narrative is clear and well written, if a little bit dry. It's a very enjoyable read that is free of many of the syntax and dialogue problems which plague too many indie e-books.

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