Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Review - The Dream Fighter Chronicles: Book One Discovery! by Calvin Locke

Discovery (Dream Fighter Chronicles, #1)
A great story and series start for young readers
This is a young readers novel perfect for summer reading by kids in late elementary school or even early jr. high school. The cousins must use their powers in a creative way to overcome the evil Sarlak by taking back control of the mind of a Lord on an alien world who was once beneficent but whose mind is under the control of Sarlak.
Creative problem solving is the theme in this book because the kids best chance at success is to fight indirectly instead of head on. So its a great read for a young mind. I can’t say there is much to recommend it to adults. While the characters of the cousins are all very well drawn they over narrative is a little too simple for adults. That just means it’s a great read for kids or to read to kids. Not every novel needs to ride on roads leading to every type of reader at the same time.

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