Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Review - Stress Free Living by Thomas Mayberry

A very personal book about valuable lessons in dealing with stress

As far as stress-improvement books go, this one breaks the mold of paint-by-numbers regurgitated stress therapy. The book is very personal, and on that note what helps one person may or may not help another. The author goes into his suicidal thoughts, and an actual attempt which he never told anyone about. This gave me a very intense picture of his emotional pain and isolation. To come back from such a low makes it hard to deny that the author found something which helped him reduce the stress in his life.

His fellowship with Christ is what brought him the ability to form a stress free life. Now even if you're not a Christian (and I'm not) don't let that keep you from valuing what the author has to say. Where he follows up in the book breaking down life events, and life strategies (such as how we are programmed to respond to and interpret events) shows that he has insight into how our perceptions form stress, and how to calm negative interpretations of events so they do not control us. And the techniques can be applied by anyone. It's not just for Christians. It's a very personal self-evaluation.

LINK: Stress Free Living by Thomas Mayberry
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