Monday, April 2, 2007

Rare 45 RPM Record - Los Hooligans - Acapulco Rock / No Esta Aqui - 1950's Latin Rock

Early rock n roll is like a fine wine . . . well, no . . . more of a home brewed beer - ok, forget this analogy. It's simpler to state that early rock n roll divides into two camps - killer stuff full of energy, and teeny bopper candy. History south of the US border plays out the same, and Mexican rock n roll of all genres has been left an unexplored land. The rest of us European descended asswipes deserve two eons in purgatory for letting this happen.

Los Hooligan's rendition of Acapulco Rock deserves a seat in the pantheon. The teeny bopper Los Teen Tops is the most well-known version. Forget that one. This is a lost gem. It's great a great rock n roll 45 record. High school Spanish will suffice.

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