Thursday, May 21, 2009

Accidental Nostalgia Thursday Night 4PM PST/7PM EST

Jane and I will be on Radio Dentata at 7pm eastern tonight with our show Accidental Nostalgia.

Tune in this week for 60 minutes of rare Mersey Beat music, and a few other odd sounds that we've found and love on at our store, Counter-Clock Records.

Here is a vlog of stuff that has something to do with tonight's show:

Velvet Underground Underground All Tomorrow's Parties

Heroes - Heroin not good for Nico

Chad and Jeremy "Distant Shores"

Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas

The Rockin' Berries - What In The World's Come Over You (1965)_HQ - Then....

......And Now - Rockin' Berries -- He's In Town

Faron's Flamingos - "Do You Love Me" - Original footage from The Cavern Club

THE RUTLES - Number One (1962) - Mockumentary footage

Ian & The Zodiacs Live At The Starclub Hamburg - And some weird rant

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