Monday, September 21, 2009

New Accidental Nostalgia TUESDAY 4PM PT / 7PM ET

Taking a cue from the success of last week's show, our friend Randy joins us again as we re-visit a number of the risque records we've played over the last months, and he brings us this calypso record (pictured) performed by the Lord Rhaburn Combo, "My Pee Pee".

If you're the first who can correctly count the number of times Randy says penis in English, Yiddish and other various forms, we'll send you this record (email us through the address given during the show).

And especially for Oceania at Radio Dentata we dedicate "The Pussy Cat Song".

See our Accidental Nostalgia show page. Click on the reminder link and you'll get a reminder email 30 minutes before the show starts.
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