Monday, September 28, 2009

New Accidental Nostalgia TUESDAY 4PM PT / 7PM ET

We may be dirty rotten record dealers to some, even most of the great grubby mass of mass people out there, and to not a small number of other dealers and collectors as well, who for one reason or another figure they have more of a right to access than anybody else.

It's a competitive world, and when all the politicking is done, and everyone has said their piece about who should get what killer record collection because of what club they went to in 1973 or that they've been dealing records since before Elvis swallowed his first Percodan, who holds the box of records is all that matters in the end.

Today is our turn to hold that killer box.

Maybe I should do a dance and snub my nose. Well, there's a touch more Indiana Jones inside me than Gollum, if only a touch. So I'll mind my manners and try to be graceful.

And I love stories. That's one of the top 5 reasons I do what I do, and there's a story behind this Northern Soul record collection that will take more than one show to tell. It's evolving as I write this.

So tune in and join me, Norm Geddis, along with Jane and Randy, to Accidental Nostalgia at 4PM ET / 7PM PT, and hear some great rare soul music and learn the story of the greatest Northern Soul find in a number of years. You can get an email reminder sent a half hour before the show from the show page (see link in the last sentence).

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