Monday, January 17, 2011

Glass Pyramid - The fun stuff about this job!

Maybe there is more import archeological work to be done, but with the holes in history from just the past decades, what can we really know about Pompeii and Machu Picchu? One day in the distant future when the quantum minutia of who I was is reassembled, they'll know they had really bitchin' convertibles in Pompeii and 3-D cinema in Machu Picchu.

Every once and awhile I get to prove the existence of something. I settled the debate about the B-side of an old Lightning Hopkins 45, and found for certain that the AM Mono Promo EP of Dark Side Of The Moon came with a gray-scale pyramid sleeve. This is what I dig out of the flotsam and jetsam of only the last fifty years. What is not known is large!

Today I found a commercial pressing of a record that is not known to exist. Glass Pyramid was a funk and R&B band out of Oklahoma City, and there is one known release on their own label "It's Time To Party" (GP-003) from 1986. That record is a sought after Modern Soul classic.

This record is GP-002 "Who's Girl Are You?" from 1982, and previously thought to exist only on a cassette demo. These demos were released by Peoples Potential Unlimited on a compilation CD and on 12" vinyl. There's likely a (GP-001) out there somewhere! I'll keep looking.

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