Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 08/13/2011

A Sonny Clark Blue Note LP tops the list this week, getting a pretty good price at the top end of its selling range. The Psych holy grail LP by Leaf Hound sells for a bargain at about $1k less than its top price. A pulled U2 45 from Peru gets the #3 spot, and two more 45's round out the list. The Spades record was the first 45 released by Roky Erickson. The Bill Davenport 45 is a rare local rockabilly record out of Virginia.

1. LP - Sonny Clark "Cool Struttin" Blue Note 1588 - $3,350.00

2. LP - Leaf Hound "Grower's Of Mushroom" Decca - $3,100.00

3. 45 - U2 "Soberbia (En El Nombre Amor)" / "Bumerang II (Boomerang II) - $3,037.87

4. 45 - The Spades "You're Gonna Miss Me" / "We Sell Soul" Zero 10002 - $2,500.00

5. 45 - Bill Davenport "Rock And Roll With Mom And Dad" / "Just Wish Me Luck" Wayne 101 - $2,424.99

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