Saturday, September 17, 2011

(If It Works) - We'll Be Guest Hosting Cult Radio A Go Go Toinght 6pm - 10pm PST

Jane and Norm will be filling four hours with whatever the hell we want to. Terry and Tiffany are attempting return to the 21st Century after last weeks power and network disturbances in the California high desert. So midweek they asked us to fill in on Cult Radio A Go Go (, and hell, we don't do anything on a Saturday night.

Not entirely sure the whole thing will work, but if you can hear us we've got a lot planned that we could never get to in one hour on Vinyl Record Talk, and we wouldn't try unless you paid us. Just think of this as a master's lecture from Norm, The Doctor Of Pop Culture (got my doctorate from Oceania at the University of Radio Dentata - I took the oral).

So as long as Terry's check clears and the electrons flow in the right direction, you'll get four hours of us tonight on Cult Radio A Go Go. Listen at either or www.
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