Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Say Hello To My Little Friend - Cult Radio A Go Go

Voted by 4 out of 5 people who ever put their two heads on a pillow as the best way to go to sleep at night without sex or drugs. Cult Radio A Go Go broadcasts the bizarre: a range of old time radio, public service announcements, and long forgotten commercials. In a few hours you can hear a horror drama from a radio network that never made it to television, a commercial for a drink mix that never made it to the 1970s, and arguments for why you should never go gay that would make Rick Warren roll his eyes. If the past was a bowel movement, CRAGG would be the used toilet paper. This is media history dirty and smelly, and sometimes it causes a gag reflex so powerful you'd believe you were there. We haven't come this far in history just because we were sanitary, tasteful, and nice guys and gals.

And every Saturday that God permits California to not fall into the ocean, CRAGG broadcasts hosted shows throughout the day on Cult Radio Snack Bar, and then live from 6pm-10pm it's CRAGG Live with hosts Terry and Tiffany DuFoe, with interviews from past stars of movies and television, and other types of odd creatures.

CRAGG has been around for a decade, but as time moves differently for them, they only now have a blog, new and bound to improve over time:

Cult Radio A Go Go
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