Saturday, February 18, 2012

Goodbye eBay Store - We Swept Up And Set A Bottle Of Febreze By The Cash Register Before We Left

Five years is a long time to do anything the same way on the Internet. Things start to smell like dead fish left in the tank, and you can too easily get used to the odor.

Last week we said goodbye to our eBay store. Simply stated, we got nailed to a sled and pushed down that slippery slope to the land of financial holds that has been the beginning of the typical eBay trope of demise. But we refuse to be typical, or anyone's metaphor. We managed to find a way to ship world-wide with no cost to the customer, but it was done using a slow-boat and holiday delays caused a customer panic. Appealing the the eBay monster's better instincts brought a moment of pause, but then her algorithms grabbed hold we were targeted. No humans could aid us.

We knew the risks all along, had managed to run things our way for five years, and we understand the behemoth must stomp on her massive terra the way she sees fit. Doesn't mean we will choose to smell her feet as they fall to crush us.

And it all happened in serendipity with the evolution of our show. Seemed the right time to flee.

So, thank you all for five years of support. Still, we are going nowhere. A new store will open soon on Etsy - with a hell of a lot more to it than we could ever do on eBay, and we have started a private mailing list. Right now we have around 2500 45s left. Email us at and we'll send you the list. We'll still be going through tens of thousands of 45's a year and will wholesale the bulk of it through our mailing list. Join us . . .

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