Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gene Simmons To Open "Rock And Brew" Restaurant Chain

Come on, smell my finger, I did
So the only man alive to make our Top 10 Creepiest Rock n Roll Artifacts Bought and Sold list with a blood soaked towel (wait a minute - doesn't he use fake blood on stage?) is set to open a theme of chained restaurants.

The decor theme of the restaurant will be Rock n Roll art and posters with large screens playing live music.  The food will be based on rock icon favorite recipes.

This being the case I might make a joke here about Ozzy and pigeon stew, but . . . nah.  However I'm not sure exactly why musicians would be a choice for recommending recipes,  many I've know eat their own boogers.  But I know being on the road makes one crave a diversion, so perhaps some interesting concoctions will turn up on the menu. 
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