Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Musicstack Price Guide - Oh My God The SOB F-ing Did It!!

Ok, so I'm five months late, but if I didn't notice it until now, maybe you didn't either. This is the most useful thing to hit record collecting on the Internet since Popsike, probably more useful than Popsike.

David Stack, founder of Musicstack, has made sales data from his website into a searchable database - or more simply stated - A Price Guide.  In case you've been in a cave, Musicstack is the second most popular music buying/selling marketplace after eBay (to collectible vinyl sellers Amazon doesn't exist, because we don't exist to them, more or less).

Don't undervalue what David Stack has done.  Popsike only lists records that sold for $20.00 or more.  The Musicstack Price Guide is a database of every sale on that site going back to 2006; if it sold for $3 or $3,000 its there.  A search of an Artist / Title brings up full detail on Grade / Price / Date Sold.  This is a very important development in pricing.  Essentially, The Musicstack Price Guide, along with Popsike and the various ways to get sales data from eBay, makes Goldmine irrelevant as anything but an idiot detector.  I would no longer have an esophagus if I let myself throw-up every time someone quoted the Goldmine Price Guide as the reason they were asking for their price, as in, "I'm selling my record collection at a bargain discount - 25% below Goldmine Price Guide - all 2000 records in my collection, will sell only as one lot, but think of all the money you can make with this discount!"

Play with the Musicstack Price Guide.
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