Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Wit Of Madonna - Several Hand Written Letters And Notes Have Shown Up For Auction

Faxed Letter To Letterman 1994
The letter to the left sold at Julien's Live for $4,800.00 recently.  It was faxed to David Letterman's office after an appearance in April of 1994.  The letter is very to the point about something.  Ok, they had some kind of relationship, if only for panty sniffing purposes.  This would have been after the March appearance in which Madonna asked Letterman to, in fact, sniff her panties.

Gotta Have Rock And Roll has a letter and a to-do list (similar to John Lennon's to-do list that old several months ago) currently up for auction.  The to-do list is not as interesting as Lennon's (no mention of "getting herb from Steve" or whoever it was) and mentions purchasing film and making a counter-offer.

To-Do List
Assistant Letter Page 1
The letter from Gotta Have is to her personal assistant, and from some years before the Letterman incidents.  It shows an overt sentimentality, and seems to get much more toward the real person.  The bidding on this letter is only up to $656.00, and $491.00 for the to-do list.

Assistant Letter Page 2

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