Thursday, April 5, 2012

Check Out Burger Records

First, check out the sampler.  Then, check out the latest releases at Burger Records website.

So this is what's been keeping the vinyl pressing plants at capacity.  And I thought it was all Jack White's doing.

I won't say anything about their cassette releases.  I don't believe it's true anyway.

Burger Records is a label and record store in Fullerton, California.  There might be justice in the universe, and in the future Burger Records' beginnings may be immortalized.  The Stone Roses got back together.  Anything can happen.

The highlights of the sampler are the tracks from Infinity People, Jaill, Stoned At Heart, Danny James Pear and Apache.  This is the best label, store, amalgamation of bands, whatever you want to call it I've heard since Elephant 6.  Unlike Elephant 6 these guys don't throw anything away, so there is a lot to wade through, and we could all be spared some of the more derivative musical ideas, but your signal to noise ratio may be different to mine, so who's to really say? Who really cares?  Not me.

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