Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dark Side Of The Rainbow - The Movie

In 1995 a newspaper published the first mainstream media article about the "synchronicity",between the film "The Wizard Of Oz" and the "Dark Side Of The Moon" album. Not long afterward, fans began creating websites touting the experience and tried to comprehensively catalogue the corresponding moments. In April 1997 when Boston radio DJ George Taylor Morris discussed Dark Side of the Rainbow on the air, that lead to further mainstream media articles and a segment on MTV news.
In July 2000, the cable channel Turner Classic Movies aired a version of Oz with the Dark Side album as an alternate soundtrack. Since then enthusiasts have bickered endlessly about the exact point in the film at which to start the soundtrack. Regardless of differing opinions, and whether or not you feel the slices that line up together nicely are numerous enough to justify this exercise in mental masturbation, I highly recommend that you experience this phenom while extremely stoned. Hell, it can't hurt.

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