Monday, April 2, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 45 RPM!!! - This Week's Vinyl Record Talk Tuesday April 3rd, 9pm ET / 6pm PT

The 45 RPM record turned 63 last week!  We celebrate the most successful, durable and entrepreneurial music format of all time.  Rock n Roll, R&B, and independent music all began and continue to thrive with the 45 RPM record.

We'll play all 7in 45's of course, including the first 45 ever commercially released.  Plus, in the news we'll have the RIAA 2011 Shipment Statistics.  Guess what - the 45 RPM beat out the CD Single (and that's counting only newly released 45's, yes newly released as in released in 2011, and does not count the much vaster collectible market).

And as always, the Top 5, plus a special thanks to Off The Charts for picking up our show for rebroadcasts over the weekends.

Please join us for this week's VRT live on Radio Dentata and Blog TV.
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