Friday, April 6, 2012

J D Salinger Receipt - Not Sure What It Has To Do With Rock N Roll, But Gottahaverockandroll Gave Me Another Laugh

Didn't J D Salinger once deck Bob Dylan for walking on his lawn? This was not a man to be trifled with. The store clerk here could have gotten a cane up his ass. has this bookstore receipt signed by J D Salinger listed with a starting bid of $500.00.  So far there are no bidders.  The date on the receipt is November 7, 2001.  Salinger bought the books around lunch time.  It was a cold and dry day in Hanover.  Partial book titles are printed on the receipt. (Gee, I feel like I work for Homeland Security right now).  Surprisingly there is no book on Amazon which begins with the title "With Love And".  However, intriguingly there is just one book that begins "Dreams Of Being", and that is "Dreams of Being Eaten Alive: The Literary Core of the Kabbalah".  Wasn't this about the time that Madonna was into Kabbalah?

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