Tuesday, April 10, 2012

John Lennon's Tooth - The One That Tore Apart Napoleon

John Lennon's Rotten Molar
On Vinyl Record Talk we strive to bring you the under-reported music news.  And we can't let go of THE TOOTH.  This story bit into us in November, and yes all the news outlets covered the original sale, for over $30,000, of John Lennon's tooth.  But for us it just keeps getting more fascinating.

Last week the Guinness Book Of World Records declared Lennon's tooth The Most Expensive Tooth.
Purchased at auction in November by Canadian dentist, Dr. Michael Zak, it shredded the previous record held by a canine that once helped chew the food of Napoleon Bonaparte.  That tooth had sold at auction for around $19,000.

The story is just beginning on this tooth.  I see future generations watching documentaries about The Lennon Tooth, a mythology of the tooth passing from Lennon to housekeeper to daughter to dentist, then perhaps lost, swept away by marauders in The Great Canadian War, to be found again in Upper Mongolia and given as a gift to The Emperor Of Siberia . . . ok, getting carried away.
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