Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 04/14/2012

The rare Michele Auclair Bach LP set, a French Pressing, tops the list this week, getting about $300 more than it did in 2009.  For only the second time, the Warhol designed cover for another French LP, from Ultra Violet, sells for about $150 more than it did a few years ago.  The next three entries are all new to the list, a funk 45, a UK Proggy Psychy LP and a Jamaican untitled 45.

1. LP - Michele Auclair "Bach Sonates pour clavier et violin" Les Discophiles Francais - $5,844.09

2. LP - Ultra Violet "self titled" LP Warhol Cover - $5,266.00

3. 45 - Andrew Brown "You Made Me Suffer" / "Blue Monday" Brave 351 - $3,372.11

4. LP - The Norman Haines Band "Den Of Iniquity" Parlophone UK Pressing - $2,048.04

5. 45 - unknown reggae "Got To Be At The Party" / "Find Yourself" - $2,046.77

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