Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 04/28/2012

This week only one record has made the Top 5 before, and that's the Ricardo Marrero LP on the TSG label, whose records never made it out of a garage until after the tax evasion charges.  TSG was a short lived tax scam label for the purposes of taking inventory losses against another enterprise on quantities of records that were never actually pressed.  Though often the music on these records was terrible and the recording poor, there were some exceptions like this week's #1.

This week's Top 5 is the first the will not include The Beatles.  The Beatles will have their own Top 5 list starting this week.  Beatles collectibles of all kinds, teeth included, have become very popular, and records are no exception.  If we were to continue including The Beatles in a single weekly Top 5 list, it's likely there would be less and less room for all the other great records that are top tier collectibles.

1. LP - Ricardo Marrero and The Group "A Taste" TSG - $3,700.00

2. LP - Grannie "self-titled" SRT - $2,971.37

3. LP - Bodkin "self-titled" Private Pressing - $2,706.64

4. LP - Bob Marley & The Wailers "Soul Revolution Rhythm Part 3 Dub Album" Upsetter - $2,650.00

5. LP - Joe Harriott / Amancio D'Silva Quartet "Hum Dono" Columbia UK Pressing - $2,518.16

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