Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beatles Artifacts On Sale On The Road To Liverpool - And Another John Lennon To-Do List Sells At Auction - This Time For $8000.00

Back on December 6 we reported that a John Lennon to-do list . . . yes . . . a scribbled list of things that Mr. Lennon wanted to get done one day, like get the cable fixed and "pick up herb from Steve", sold at auction for $6000.00.  Well, as bold as can be, put up another to-do list of John Lennon's and late in March another to-do list sold for $8000.00.

This one is a two-sider, and has some very interesting notations.  Lennon didn't have to wait around for the cable guy on this particular day, so it seems he had more time for grocery shopping and the dentist.  Herb is mentioned again, possibly basil, but perhaps that euphemism.  He was looking for a narrower neck on his guitar, and somehow wanted to check his "hair dryer for cancer".  There was also a broken mirror in the bedroom which needed taping.  But the most mysterious notation on this to-do list begs the question . . . who the hell was Fred?

You can find this, and many other interesting items of Beatle stuff that sold (and didn't sell) by going to and looking at the March 21-30 auction results.

And keep an eye here for specifics on other auctions or sales we find on that site.  Those guys would sell someone's booger.

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