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Adventures In Broadcasting Part 1: Cult Radio A Go Go - If We Could Have Everything Our Way This Would Be A Life Worth Living


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I might write 100,000 words about the DuFoe's but none will light the darkness brighter than Tiffany's own words above.  Her own response to my request for a comment about her father's past, a series of fake error messages, were a symbol of a frightening dissociation more literary than a Philip Roth paragraph written on a good day.

Fake?  SMS error messages tend not to be written so they will get broken up, and if they were to get broken up, the error messages would arrive broken (and complete) each time.

Fake?  Something Tiffany DuFoe has taken to high art in her own special emails full of pseudo legaleze and analysis . . . a unique kind of kitsch.

When I read, "This subscirber may no longer exist," I was stuck with a horrible image of a very young Tiffany rocking back and forth holding a stuffed animal.  "This subscriber may no longer exist."

And the place from where that image came, and too with a sharp pain to my stomach, will be explored further in this series of articles.


Tiffany is one half of the father-daughter duo of Terry and Tiffany Dufoe.  They broadcast an auto station all week and a live show on Saturday nights called Cult-Radio-A-Go-Go.  Some number of you reading this will have heard of it, listen to it, been victimized by it, or still love it because you have not yet been attacked.  You know of CRAGG because you choose to live within the same insular group of micro-media broadcasts that I do. Anyone else reading this likely prefers the same kind of insular groups but just spends his or her time with some other one.

Nice to meet you.

You should care for two reasons:

1. Terry and Tiffany are amazingly brazen in their attempt to use the internet to control the world-wide disbursement of broadcasters and listeners in their community like some Manson come Jim Jones cult from 1976.  And I had once thought the name of their show was an irony.

2. This makes them better than a car accident to watch in action!


Repeat same first paragraph in the above section, only change it to note that I am Norm Geddis and along with my wife Jane Geddis host another show, called Vinyl Record Talk, on another station called Radio Dentata.

Again, nice to meet you.

You should care for one reason:

Terry and/or Tiffany DuFoe tried to get Radio Dentata shut down this past week with a threatening email sent to our station's streaming provider.

I find them very funny and not at all threatening.  And I am kind of alone in this.  For some reason Terry and Tiffany have been able to scare the hell out of a lot of people with strange quasi-legal emails, lies, bravado, accusations and insinuations.  This makes using the truth against them a lot of fun to watch.  Be sure to look for our interactions on Twitter, Facebook (oh, nevermind, they took their Facebook page down in the middle of my reply), and Google+.


Terry Dufoe's father, a man named Adelbert Edward Dufoe, died ten years ago.  An email was sent from an Adelbert Edward to our streaming provider last week.  The writer made the following assertion about Radio Dentata, "I am writing to inform you that one of your station licensees is breaking DMCA rules by launching elsewhere OTHER then YOUR page & STREAM!"  That launching pad was a social media platform for radio, which requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the situation, where just yesterday Cult Radio A Go Go began broadcasting.  Radio Dentata has been using it, with a lot of success, since earlier this year.

The email went on to threaten, "If you do not take care of this I will be forced to report this to the RIAA and all bodies that govern the DMCA act."

It's been awhile since I read it, but DMCA - most anyone bothering to read this will be familiar with DMCA - was written when Congress understood a stream to be a place you went fishing.  I don't remember anything about streams or sources of streams.  DMCA rules are about number of listeners, how many times a show can be repeated, pre-announcing times songs will be played.


Terry DuFoe is afraid, very afraid, and the effort, obvious to me, of trying to get our station booted from the social media site before he broadcasted from that same site himself began my second bullying experience from the DuFoes.  Then on Cult Radio A Go Go's Facebook page one of them brought their intimidation to other broadcasters, using their own special threats of lawsuits, of a kind that could ever happen only if the Cromwell thing in England had worked out better.

This time something special happened to the bully on the way to the playground.  Everyone got sick of it and threw sand in his face.  Comment after comment popped up attacking the DuFoe's.  By the end of the day they had suspended their page (right in the middle of a reply from me, which they had asked for by name).  Just for a taste, here is a screen shot from mid-morning:

You'll see a request from me to the DuFoe's regarding a Tribue article in the screen shot.  The article is from the Chicago Tribune, January 10, 1985.  This is the article about which I've been attempting to get one or both of them to give me a comment:

Later in the afternoon another member posted the same link on Cult Radio A Go Go's Facebook page.

That evening the Cult Radio A Go Go page disappeared.


Maybe.  Months ago I received emails with all sorts of threats to sue me and have me arrested just for asking Terry Dufoe if the article referred to him.  Research of public records shows that Cult Radio A Go Go's Terry DuFoe is the right age for the Tribune article, and that he was married to a Rebecca DuFoe.  No other marriage record exists between a Terry and Rebecca DuFoe, and no other Terry DuFoe in Lancaster, California exists of his age in public record.

So what is he afraid of?  If it isn't him, why not just say so?  He has never made a denial, only threats.

If it is him, what are the details of the arrest?  Were underage girls involved?

Terry and Tiffany have worked on soft-core porn films together.  They have talked about it on their show.  Here is a small slice of one of them:

Tiffany DuFoe's life may have had a much darker fate.  What I will relate about that depends on who's gone on the record.  They have talked about several incidents on their show regarding Tiffany's mother, Rebecca DuFoe, and former broadcasters, who they have accused of threatening and attacking them.  Based on background information their half of the story given during those on air comments seem as self serving and twisted as their threatening emails.

Keep in touch . . .

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