Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adventures In Broadcasting Part 2 - Cult Radio The Space Opera

This article will assume you read Part 1 and that you have some familiarity with Cult Radio A Go Go and the father / daughter mime team, The DuFoes, because this article is aimed at a small community of people and the very large imagination of The DuFoes - the name of whom derives from the French for "Ah, everybody is our enema!"

And so for much of any of this to matter you need to be familiar with The DuFoes and their peculiar point of view that seems to be a belief that the internet is their own little playground for a space opera a la Scientology with me as their personal nemesis god Xenu. Hold on, I have to order another DC-8 (ahhhh-chooooooooooo).  See, I'm not scared of Scientology, Pneumonia or The DuFoes.  

So, just a little reality check and scorecard here:

- Back in January I received an email from Tiffany informing me that by following through with a planned commentary about Terry DuFoe on my show I would be opening myself up to a slander lawsuit and possible arrest.

- The particulars about the "simple open/shut" case supposedly came from the attorney at Tiffany's work, and included legal code regarding slander . . . from Wyoming, if memory serves . . . not California where both I and the DuFoe's live and work.

-I was tempted but didn't bother pointing out that California has very strong Anti-SLAPP laws where a defendant in a lawsuit where the purpose is likely to suppress free speech can file a Motion To Strike and be awarded fees on that motion's success in a later suit, called a SLAPPback.

-Here's a firm that takes such cases for the fees recovered in the SLAPPback:

-Only an idiot and the DuFoes consider slander cases in California.

-I went ahead with my commentary and heard nothing other than some ranting about me on their show which soon died down.

-Then came the RadioFlag incident which I wrote about in the VRT blog.

-Since I called Terry out on his effort to get Radio Dentata kicked from RadioFlag he has not mentioned me or even alluded to me. Prior to my blog article Terry did call me out on the defunct CRAGG Facebook page for not having any listeners during a late night repeat of VRT. He took down the CRAGG Facebook page as I was replying, first attempting to delete my posts, and when I kept coming back . . . poof, the page was gone.

-Terry then on his show one week before the DuFoe's abandoned trip to Disneyland made fun of many of Radio Dentata's hosts execpt me. I vigorously defended RD and the other hosts on Twitter.

-This last week on CRAGG the worst Terry was able to utter was an implication, I suppose, that Radio Dentata plays too much Heavy Metal and Classic Rock. I for one like a little Armageddon with my Eagles.

-For two hours up against CRAGG last Saturday I played repeats of VRT on RD and our station trended ahead of CRAGG on RadioFlag. Now this doesn't mean we have more listeners. What I will say about Terry's listener argument is that it seems a little like the story of the two midgets comparing their penis sizes. The midget with the bigger penis says to the other, "because mine is bigger than yours I'm almost the size of John Holmes." The logical fallacy here seems amply apparent.

-The DuFoe's have also announced that they will not be on this coming week because they are going to Comic Con. Jane and I were planning and had announced on Twitter and RadioFlag a special live broadcast to go up against CRAGG but we will postpone that until the DuFoe's return to CRAGG Live. 

Now I do hope The DuFoes do think of Jane and I as they pass the Interstate 5 and PCH Beach Cities interchange where we will be a short distance away enjoying an early breakfast on our balcony.
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