Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Vinyl Record Buyers And Sellers Attack The Gates Of eBay with Facebook

Record sellers, and I'm sure sellers of other stuff, have long dreamed of finding a home away from eBay, just in the same way prisoners in North Korea dream of escaping their camps.

Since the days of the implementation of the system-no-one-can-comprehend-and-no-one-is-accountable-for back about 2007 many alternative sites have come and gone, but none save Etsy have found any traction for buyers and sellers of vinyl records.  And well, face it . . . Etsy is kinda girly.  My friend Lisa Sumner does a great job selling vinyl on Etsy.  But she's a girl.  I've just started on Etsy and it's just not all that intuitive to me.

Recently I've found a small but growing number of groups on Facebook, and quite a bit of buying and selling is taking place.  So far this activity might constitute pock marks in the empire's wall and nothing more, but hey, the fall of Rome had to start with someone spitting over the line.

Here are some of the groups on Facebook:

45 RPM BUY SELL TRADE: This group is for buying and selling any 45 that isn't classic rock and released before 1970, but seems to lean to Rockabilly in terms of buyers.

FUNK, SOUL, AFROBEAT & OTHER RARE 45's:  Name says it all.  The 45's can be any soul related and early Rap and Hip-Hop too, as long as they are 7in.

VINYL TRADE / BUY / SELL: This group is fairly new and has only a few members.  But it's open to pretty much anything on vinyl.


Anonymous said...

here's some more to add to the list above:
The R&B record selling group---mostly northern soul and old time RnB!/groups/299245130159283/?fref=ts

Rare 45 rpm records for sale ---all types!-!/pages/Rare-45rpm-Records-for-Sale/294186637022?fref=ts

The Hassle Free Record selling group--95% northern soul---!/groups/hasslefree/?fref=ts

Anonymous said...

Rare 45 rpm records for sale----!/pages/Rare-45rpm-Records-for-Sale/294186637022?fref=ts -all types-

Anonymous said...

here's another--
The R&B record selling group!/groups/299245130159283/?fref=ts