Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Review - Seventh Journey: Book 1 by Robert J. R. Graham

Well written adventure through spiritual dystopia

What if the world could be changed by putting together fizzy water, sugar and a few residual ingredients . . . oh wait. Seventh Journey is about the spiritual world being taken over by something like soda-pop, for corporate profit and economic advancement. It incorporates African mysticism, the aftermath of the Iraq war and secret government experiments dating to the early 70s, all in a headset that takes the user to an alternate consciousness. But not only is it corrupting this world, but another one too. And the protagonist, Jacob, has to come to terms with several realities, and his own past. It seemed a little passe at first, like something Bruce Sterling would have written in the early 90s, while I was trying to figure out my internet's SLIP connection. But I quickly got over that as Robert Graham does master a complete world which doesn't fall apart where he doesn't want it to.

LINK: Seventh Journey: Book 1 by Robert J. R. Graham
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