Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Review - Wide Awake A Vampire Romance (Kindred Souls) by Jade Cooper

A vampire story that tastefully goes to the erotic extremes

If you've read my other reviews you'll know how boiler plate crass I thought "50 Shades" was, but it has had the benefit of spawning similar work (tempted to say imitations here). But to use imitation implies the original is work worth duplicating. In many cases a good idea can be done better. That's the case here. While I'm not such a vampire fan (Frankenstein needs a comeback), I am an erotic connoisseur and have a Pinterest full of 60's exploitation covers to prove it.

When the erotic works it's because you are taken inside the moment in the character's head(s) and all senses are lit. Jade Cooper does a wonderful job in that respect. The characters are developed so the reader understands the mind in these intimate moments. The narrative aspects of setting and plot stand up on their own so the the reader knows where everything stands when the world closes in on the sexual. A book worthy of moving it's genre forward.

LINK: Wide Awake A Vampire Romance (Kindred Souls) (Kindle Edition)

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