Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Auction News - The House That Sold John Lennon's Tooth Is Back In 2013 With A New Beatles Auction

Omega auctions in the UK still has space in their March 22, 2013 Beatles auction catalogue.  So if you have any Beatles' body parts, shoelaces or used hankies you have until February 8 to get them to the auction house. Omega was the house that famously sold John Lennon's tooth and supposedly subsequently handled Julian Lennon's baby tooth for DNA verification.   I spent a good bit of time chewing over John Lennon's tooth on this blog last year, including when I sent Malice Cooper into a 15 minute hysterical rant on the subject of celebrity teeth on her radio show.

Omega is the auction house that has made the news this week for uncovering unknown color slides of the Beatles from their first US tour in 1964.  So far the slides are the only announced item for the March auction.  The catalogue will be available for viewing online on March 1st.

Here is a pic of one of the slides being offered.

Ringo about to ask George to smell his finger.

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