Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elvis Presley's Mouth Mold Sells For $10,000 and Julian Lennon's baby tooth appears out of nowhere

The King's mouth mold with a crown
Dr. Michael Zuk, a dentist in Alberta, Canada is the proud owner of the Elvis Presley mouth mold (with used crown) that sold at auction late last month.  The doctor's winning bid was $10,000.

Dr. Zuk is also the winner of John Lennon's rotten tooth, for which he bid over $30,000 last November.  He may also be the progenitor of  the term Canadian Dentist as an epithet for someone more than a little eccentric with their money.

The tooth collection has created a stir around his practice with patients and the curious calling to see the teeth.  And after seeing both Elvis' mouth and Lennon's rotten tooth, those patients, and maybe some the curious, might stick around for extra cleaning, or get their kids in early for braces.

The good doctor also has a baby tooth in his possession from Julian Lennon.  This has been reported in other news sources as having come with John Lennon's tooth for purposes of DNA testing, but no mention of Julian's baby tooth was made prior to some public contemplation by journalists, bloggers and forum posters that the tooth could be a fake.  After all, it's provenance begins with John Lennon's maid and then goes to the maid's daughter, with the unusual claim that John Lennon gave his maid the tooth, and in some reports, gave it to her after he pulled it out himself.  Dr. Zuk said publicly last month that he was looking for a relative of John Lennon's to provide a DNA sample for comparison.

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