Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Book Review - A Lion's Pride by Alyssa Rae

Black And White With A Little Bit Of Grease

Alyssa Rae writes in a clear narrative that while uncomplicated serves her story well, and while it can be said that the story of A Lion's Pride is a black and white tale of good and evil, every aspect of her writing serves that end. In other words, it works, and it's just a matter of taste if a reader doesn't like it. I happened to be a reader that enjoys a story where good is good and evil is evil. Not that this story is without complications or characters that are multi-dimensional.

The story is about two biker clubs, one the Fu-Lions, the good guys, and the other the Reaper's Sons, the bad guys who deal drugs and take over towns. The story centers around Alex who is the daughter of the deceased leader of the Fu-Lions club, and the Reaper's want to kidnap her. That's the basics. Characters like Jason, who while a good guy isn't above smacking around someone who desperately needs it, lends the story depth and credibility.

So it's a novel where suspension of disbelief comes easily in a black and white world, and that's a trick not so easy to pull off.

LINK: A Lion's Pride by Alyssa Rae
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