Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2 Book Reviews - How I Wrote 2 eBooks in 21 Days, and The Bread Is In The Bed by Glen Stanford

These two books work in tandem, so I'm posting both reviews together.

A funny book about writing a funny book

What is it about writing that causes anyone who attempts it to discover the magic elixir that is pizza, beer and coffee? It seems everyone who writes discovers either the aforementioned, or if the writer aspires to more literary heights it's gin until he's walking around with a wet stain on the front of his pants.

Anyway, I digress, Glen Stanford takes a meme here and shakes out two worthwhile books with it. And why not. I disagree with the suggestion he makes via another writer that it doesn't matter if the book sucks (which this neither of his sucks) as long as it's cheap and a few people like it. I've read enough bad .99 cent books that I could have bought a first edition Kerouac. I can smell them now.

So go ahead and spend .99 cents (twice). It's a little bit like riding the Merry-Go-Round twice but you get a different horse. 

A funny book about making profit by providing service

If you like M&Ms with business strategy than this is the book for you. Written side by side with his other, and I thought funnier book, "How I Wrote 2 eBooks In 21 Days", this book is a humorous exploration of how to run an Inn, run it well, make money, and not kill anyone. It's best advice is in customer service tips that can be applied to every business situation. After all, there really isn't a leisure service more intimate than a place that feeds you, sets you up overnight, and let's you take a bath. Well . . . there is one. 

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