Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book Review - Trump The Economy by E J Kelly

An effective and humorous look at making things work during tough times

Not that the book isn't full of good advice on a number of levels, but I think maybe the best advice the book has tells the story of the authors first employment experience. Essentially it suggests the following - if you want to be successful in business, spend some time working a carnival. Having gotten my own start in a similar way I'd say experience in a situation where essentially you've a lot of lights in the customer's eyes, there are a lot games going on around him or her, and their state of mind has been primed to release a little money, makes for the best environment to learn to sell to many different types of personalities. Now that was the launching pad for the author, and it seems the second best advice he has is keep a sense of humor. Beyond that there is much in the way of practical advice about making choices, finding people, and managing a business. But what's going to come through to contribute to your own success is the author's own humorous and infectious perspective.

LINK:  "Trump the Economy" 11 Real Business Startups,1 Life of Freedom, A survivor's journey

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