Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review - Millionomics: My Journey to Gaining Financial Freedom by Shiv Verma

Everything you always wanted to know about accumulating wealth but were afraid to ask

I find it a pleasure to get books about money making that don't promise an easy, no-work, system of signing up to a program and just letting the cash come in.  First, it never is easy. Second, I'm smarter than the twenty people who were fooled by the get-rich-quick proposition. The best kinds of money making books are the one's that don't leave you feeling like you need a shower after your read them.

Sometimes accumulating wealth is just a matter of a mundane, even boring on the surface, strategy of careful planning and frugality. That's what this book is. A very detailed system put forth by someone who put it to work. It's not as exciting as winning the lottery, but it's far more likely to work. And that day when you don't have to get up and work to pay your bills won't feel so boring. Whoever said money can't buy happiness . . . was absolutely full of it.

LINK: Millionomics: My Journey to Gaining Financial Freedom

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