Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 09/22/2007

A more collectible record than a Blues 78 RPM does not exist right now. Week after week for the last five months, these records have made the top five eBay sales again and again. This week one made the top of the list, beating out three soul and one classical record.

A Robert Johnson 78 RPM "Terraplane Blues" / "Kind Hearted Woman" sold for $4,100.00, receiving 25 bids from a starting bid of $9.99. This was a little below the $4,330.00 this record sold at last year.

In the #2 spot, A northern soul 45 RPM record, The Four Voices "Your Love Is Getting Stronger" / "With A Lonely Heart" on Voice closed at $2,399.99, receiving 20 bids from a starting bid of $199.99

Next, another northern soul 45, Chuck Cockerham "Have I Got It Right" / "Hey There" on Mala sold for $2080.00, getting 25 bids from a starting bid of $249.99.

A classical LP set came in at #4, Bach 3 Sonatas, Henryk Szeryng on Violin, on the Odeon label sold for $2,025.00, receiving 4 bids from a starting bid of $999.00

And last, another soul 45, Tolbert "Lucky Man" / "I've Got It" on Rojac sold for $2,024.00, getting 11 bids from a starting bid of $999.00.

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