Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 09/29/2007

Back from scouring the California and Arizona deserts for vinyl oases, and filled a Ford E350 van with inventory, and now I've got some catching up to do.

First week ending 9/29 - missed that one:

A Northern Soul 45 topped the list, Locations "Mister Diamond Man" / "He's Gone" on Ron Paul Records sold for $3080.00 with 30 bids from a starting bid of $99.99. Another country "old timey" fiddle 78 RPM came in the #2 spot, Andrew & Jim Baxter "Forty Drops" / "Georgia Stomp" on Victor closed for $2577.00 receiving 15 bids from a starting bid of $49.99.

Next, a Columbian pressing on grey vinyl of Queen's Hot Space LP sold on a Buy-It-Now for $2500.00.

In the #4 spot, a rare Clash picture sleeve "Complete Control" sold for $2,358.00 with 39 bids. And last, a private press Metal LP, Deathcrush from the band Mayhem, sold for $2,247.00 receiving 28 bids from a starting bid of $10.00

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