Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 11/29/2008

Top 5 List:

1. LP - The Beatles "White Album" - $5,049.99 Start: $19.00 Bids: 46

2. LP - Captain Marryat self titled Private Press - $4,450.92 Start: $500.00 Bids: 10

3. LP - Johanna Martzy "Bach: The unaccompanied Violin Sonatas" Columbia Box set - $3,990.00 Start: $9.99 Bids: 21

4. LP - Dexter Gordon "Blows Hot And Cool" Dootone Red Vinyl - $2,280.55 Start: $19.99 Bids: $2,280.55

5. LP - The Southern University Jazz Ensemble "Goes To Africa With Love" - $2,133.00 Start: $9.99 Bids: 21

Selling on Thanksgiving Day and topping the $5k mark, a Beatles "White Album" takes the #1 spot. This US copy is numbered and sealed, as are all ones on the graph (yes, one lucky buyer did win one for $300 last year).

Next, a private press Prog LP out of Scotland bids up close to $4.5k . Captain Marryat appears to be a new discovery in Psych/Prog circles. Read the sellers story of how he has managed to contact one of the band members.

The rare and sought after Johnanna Martzy Bach Sonata set goes for a good price at almost $4k and gets the #3 spot.

In the #4 spot, Dexter Gordon's Dootone released "Blows Hot And Cool", pressed on red vinyl, sells for over $2.2k. And last, a '73 release from the Southern University Jazz Ensemble bids up over $2.1k.

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