Thursday, April 14, 2011

Record Store Day Part 2 - The Managed Persona Strikes Back

My boot heel is the size of the American Southwest because my ego is the size of all outdoors. From warehouses in Laredo, Texas to closed stores in San Antonio to barns in Oklahoma to attics in Arizona I've had somewhere in the neighborhood of a million records pass through my hands into retail stores around the world.

In record stores from New Zealand to Latvia, the vintage records in their bins were found by me.

Within a minute of my post describing my individual record auctions (lots of rare Jazz LPs) closing on Saturday, I received an anonymous comment "Only lames use eBay!!". On Tuesday's VRT I talked about how eBay selling is kind of the antithesis of Record Store Day. Record Store Day began as a response to first, online selling, and second, the demise of chains like Tower and Virgin.

So of course I angered a dedicated fan of his local record stores ready to pounce on any online seller trying to take advantage of the day. Horsecrap! I got attacked by a Managed Persona!

What is a Managed Persona? It's a bot that searches blogs and other posts to find keywords and key-phrases and then leaves generic messages to some specified end.

The motivation of Record Store Day is to sell loads of special new releases, which compete with vintage collectibles that do the artists and the recording industry little good. But far be it from me to worry about anyone else's motivations but my own.

I got a right to do with Record Store Day what I want.

And one thing I do is use the day to give my annual Auction Report monthly top sellers for the year. It'll be four years this Saturday that I've been keeping the weekly Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales. How lame is that? I'm sure some bot will let me know.

Bid early. Bid often.

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