Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vinyl Record Talk Show - Live - Today, Tuesday August 30th 8pm ET / 5pm PT on Radio Dentata

Sometimes themes just throw themselves at you. Last week a customer showed me how little I know. Did you know Buck Owens and the Buckaroos once recorded a kick ass fuzz single? That was missing from my knowledge base, but I had copies my store and the customer was very happy to find it. We'll play that, and go in a jangly direction. A comp LP for the Seattle 60's psych band Daily Flash came my way this week.

Plus, and a really frickin' damn big plus -- I'm laying in bed last night searching iTunes when I come across the new release from Olivia Tremor Control. I though it couldn't be right. So I go to the elephant6 website and a new tour started last night, and they have a new Facebook page (note: go to the elephant6 website to get to the Facebook page - Facebook search still goes to the Wikipedia imported page even after I "liked" the new page). And, OTC is re-releasing "Dust At Cubist Castle" and "Black Foliage" on vinyl http://www.chunklet.com/index.cfm

So mixed in with new OTC and old Buck Owens, plus other treasures on dead dinosaurs, we'll have the news and the Top 5 Auction Report.

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