Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 08/20/2011

Ooohhhh, cool - a week of oddities. Ok, the Butcher Cover isn't odd . . . well, yes it is for the Top 5 . . . it's definitely not the prime Beatles collectible anymore, the UK 1st pressings of "Please Please Me" fetch more money, and low numbered "White Albums" are classier and far more interesting. Hell, I'm more interested in a South American mono fold of "Abbey Road", and though they go for far less money than a Butcher Cover, they are way harder to find.

The #1 goes to a local LA punk treasure; the two Prog LP's in the #3 and #5 spots are both out of Italy. That David Bowie single is a real impossible record to find as a stock copy. Promo's fetch around $100.00, but this stock copy sold for almost $1k more than the last known sale, and at about the same price that it sold for in 2006.

1. 45 - Opus "Good Procedures" / "Atrocity" Catatonic - $4,800.00

2. LP - The Beatles "Yesterday And Today" 3rd Stat Butcher Stereo - $3,401.01

3. LP - Osage Tribe "Arrow Head" Bla Bla - $2,590.00

4. 45 - David Bowie "Can't Help Thinking About Me" / "And I Said To Myself" WB 5815 - $2,500.00

5. LP - Sandro Brugnolini "Overground" SEM - $2,460.60

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