Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 10/22/2011

A "Please Please Me" getting the top spot has become about as common as VP Joe Biden saying something that would have had your mother call out to you to run and get your grandfather's medication. The real story this week is that for the first time since the last time someone dropped $25k on a diamond braclet infused Ice Cream Sundae at Serendipity 3, a prevously unknown Soul 45 topped $5k on an audio clip alone - no holy grail status, no spot in Keb Darge's playlist - just the clip in the eBay ad. The Emeralds 45 is a Chicago uptempo dancer that got bidders as excited as they can get. By comparison, the De-Lite's acetate, a known entity with holy grail status (don't know if it's on Keb Darge's playlist but many DJs spin it) gets the #5 spot.

1. LP - The Beatles "Please Please Me" Parlophone UK STEREO black & gold label matrix 1R/1G Dick James credits - $12,932.23

2. 45 - The Emeralds "Catch Me I'm Falling" / "Beware" Vick 302 - $7,199.00

3. LP - Pink Floyd "More" Odeon First Pressing - $4,999.99

4. LP - Leonid Kogan "Beethoven Violin Concerto" Columbia 1052 UK Pressing - $4,943.88

5. 10" - De-Lites "Lover" / "Tell Me Why" Acetate - $3,500.00

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